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The Dirt Doctors offers a large selection of Screened Sand, Play Sand, Trap Sand, Septic Sand Granite and all sizes of Crushed and Washed Stones. Call for pricing and delivery.

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sifted loam
Screened Sand/Concrete Sand 

This product is screened to a 1/4" top size. Commonly used for clean fill under concrete slabs and ideal for patios and walkways.




Play Sand

Play Sand is perfect for sand boxes, play areas and volley ball courts.




Ball Field Mix

Ball Field Mix is most commonly used in athletic fields, horse shoe pits, horse stalls and arenas.




Sandy Fill

This product is great for leveling off areas before topsoil or for filling low spots.




Mortar Sand

Mortar Sand is used when mixing mortar for masonry applications.




Septic Sand

Septic Sand is a washed, screened sand that meets EDA requirements for septic systems.




Trap Sand

Trap Sand is a white sand for golf course traps. Good for mixing with white cement for white mortar. Not recommended for sand box or play sand.



Washed Concrete Sand

Washed concrete sand conforms to Grade A specification




¾" Granite or 1 ½" Granite

This granite is great for drainage or drip edge along foundations.




Washed 3/8" or 3/4" Pea Stone

This stone has a rich caramel color and is also naturally round. Great for driveways, walks and pool areas. Foot friendly!




3/4" Washed Processed Stone

This processed stone has an overall grey color. Great for kennel paths and walkways




Stone Dust

Stone dust is ideal for use on patios and walkways.




¾" or 1 ½" Hard Pack

Hard pack is great for touch ups and new driveways, also acts as a great base for patios and walkway drainage. Packs like concrete.




Crushed Asphalt

Crushed asphalt is great when used for base material. Crushed asphalt is sold in full truck loads only.




2-6" Rip Rap

This product is great for swales, ditches and run-offs, where erosion tends to take place. Rip Rap is sold in full truck loads only.




" How much do I need?"
Length x Width = Area ( sq ft- square feet)
One Cubic Yard = 27 Cubic Feet (3'x3'x3') and Covers:
300 sq. ft. when spread 1" deep 150 sq. ft. when spread 2" deep
100 sq. ft. when spread 3" deep 50 sq. ft. when spread 6" deep
30 sq. ft. when spread 9" deep 25 sq. ft. when spread 12" deep
3 Inches of coverage is recommended for new applications
6-7 wheelbarrows full