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Soil (also known as loam) is a vital part of landscaping. Whether you're laying a foundation for a beautiful lawn or bringing in extra nutrients for special plants, soil will help your landscape grow beautiful. The soil you choose is vital to the project succeeding long term.

Pricing is per yard. Discounts are available on bulk orders. Please call 603-229-3200 for more info

sifted loam
Sifted Loam

Sifted loam is our best selling soil. It is an organic loam (Not tainted with any chemicals or toxic soils), sifted to 1/2" minus. That means that anything that is in the loam is smaller than 1/2". This loam is perfect for putting in a new lawn, as enrichment for your existing soil. Sifted Loam can also be used for your general landscape or any planting needs you may have.


Plant Bed

This product is a wonderful choice for flower gardens. The Plant Bed mix contains 85% of our 1/2" sifted loam, and 15% of our organic compost.




Ultimate Plant Bed

The Ultimate Plant Bed Mix is rich in nutrition. Our Ultimate Plant Bed Mix is a blend of 70% sifted loam, 30% organic compost and peat moss to cut down on acidity. We frequently send our soil to UNH for testing to make sure we're giving you the best product possible.



Sun Spot

Do you want a head start on your lawn without the hassle of using hydroseed or sod? Try our Sun Spot Soil, which is mixed with pre-germinated grass seed (our own special bluegrass, rye and fescue blend).




Help your garden thrive without harsh chemicals. Our organic compost is an all natural fertilizer, screened to 1/2", and excellent for all your soil nutrient needs.



How much do I need?"
Length x Width = Area ( sq ft- square feet)
One Cubic Yard = 27 Cubic Feet (3'x3'x3') will cover:
300 sq. ft. when spread 1" deep 150 sq. ft. when spread 2" deep
100 sq. ft. when spread 3" deep 50 sq. ft. when spread 6" deep
30 sq. ft. when spread 9" deep 25 sq. ft. when spread 12" deep
3 Inches of coverage is recommended for new applications
6-7 wheelbarrows full